remember when...

The year: 2003. The Barista Guild of America was just about to be born. Barista Billy Wilson wrote an article for the website

In it, he specifically speaks of the importance for all baristas to be involved, especially the most awarded. He says this about then US Champion Heather Perry,

"Perry is a skilled competitor and trainer, and obviously has passion for the art of the Barista, yet she has no visible presence in the Guild, nor has she indicated any interest in the Guild. The SCAA has an active Barista bulletin board, but Perry's voice is not heard there, nor here in CoffeeGeek's community forums. I recognize that no one is compelled to join the Guild (or to participate in the online Barista community); but it will be harder to advance our craft unless the established (and award winning) Baristi are all on board. It would be a boon to have Perry taking an active role, and I am sure the hand is always extended, should she choose to get involved."

If there ever were evidence that anything can happen that would be a good example. To those who might not know, Perry went on to join the leadership council and work her way up to the chair-holder role.

Don't forget, Mr. Dominy in the post below is asking to hear the voice of our members. This is a guild founded by members for members. We'd like to hear from you.
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