It's open nomination time for new leadership

Hello friends and members of the Barista Guild of America.

Spring is the time of the year for our annual SCAA expo, which is also the time of year we cycle through the members of our leadership who have spent they're required time as either an executive council director or chapter representative.

Both executive council directors and chapter representatives commit to a two year term.

The BGA will have 3 open spots on the executive council and 4 open spots as chapter representatives. The regions for our chapter representatives will remain the same despite regional changes to the USBC organization. The four regions open for new representatives are: The Great Lakes, Northeast, Southwest, and Mid-Atlantic.

If you, or someone you know would be willing to commit to the responsibilities of being a BGA leader, fill out the nomination form which can be found on the home page of the BGA website - or you can simply click here.

To learn more about the responsibilities asked of BGA leaders, have a look at the guild's by-laws, which are found on the about page of the BGA website, located in paragraph one. Or you can simply click here to see the by-laws.

Nominations for new leaders will close one week from today - March 28.
You our members will vote for our next round of leaders. Voting will be open from April 1 through April 15.

It's always an exciting time to see who is willing to step up and why. We look forward to processing nominations, and stay tuned for your online ballots.
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