Get Started on your Barista Guild Certification at the SCAA Event!

Barista Guild Level 1 Certification

Did you know? All five of the required courses and the Level 1 Certification Exam will be available at the SCAA's 23rd Annual Exposition, The Event, held in Houston, Texas April 28 - May 1.

Sample Itinerary for completing your Level 1 Certification:

Friday: Take CP151 (Introduction to Coffee Brewing & Extraction) in the morning and CP103 (Introduction to Customer Service) in the afternoon.

Saturday: Take CP101 & CP102 (Introduction to Espresso Part 1 & 2) (this is a 6-hour class with a 90-minute lunch - experienced baristas can take the Level 1 Exam during the lunch break)

Sunday: GE103 (Introduction to Cupping) in the morning, and then join us for USBC and USBC Brewers Cup Finals in the Activities Hall!

* Please note: experienced baristas can choose to pursue and obtain Level 1 Certification by achieving a passing score in CP190 AND attending CP103 (may test out of all other requirements).

Barista Guild Certification courses for Levels 2 & 3 are also available. To see the list of available courses that will be given at the SCAA's 23rd Annual Exposition, The Event, click here!

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