Currently on the Event Calendar

Hello Baristas,

Just a friendly reminder here to check out our upcoming events page. There's been a handful of new events added.
  • April 1 - BGA level 1 testing and CP103 intro to customer service available in Seattle
  • April 3 - Atlanta Manual Brewing Battle
  • April 3 - Kansas City Rosettas for Relief
  • April 7 - NYC Rosettas for Relief
  • April 9 - NYC Coffee People Party
  • April 28 - May 1: United States Barista Championship, Cup Taster's Championship, & United States Brewer's Cup
Don't forget - you can also use your BGA Membership to login to where you can see more detailed information about these upcoming events.

If you're a bga member and have an event you'd like us to communicate you can email your chapter rep, an EC member, or me, scottlucey @ gmail . com

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