Nominations Open for BGLC 2019-2021


Dear Barista Guild members,

The BG Leadership Council is now accepting nominations for new leaders passionate about the barista community and experienced in event planning. This election is the first to take place since the unification of the Barista Guild of America and the Barista Guild of Europe. This year, the BG Leadership Council has four (4) open positions to serve from 2019-2021.

Nominations are open from August 27-September 10 to BG members. Submit a nomination using this form

The 2019-2021 election timeline is as follows:

Nominations: August 27 to September 10, 2019
Slate Announced: October 1, 2019
Petition Period: October 1-25, 2019
Voting: November 1-15, 2019
New Leadership Announced: December 1, 2019

What are the responsibilities of a member of the BG Leadership Council?

  • Promote SCA Strategic Objectives, Values, and BG Purpose and Guiding Principles. 

  • Determine strategic objectives and activities according to the SCA strategic plan.

  • Advocate for members within SCA, and represent SCA to members.

  • Attend regular monthly meetings of the BGLC at a time specified by the Chair, and attendance at the Annual General Membership Meeting of the BG. 

  • Adhere to general meeting and event attendance requirements and protocols as detailed in BG Rules of Procedure. 

Ideal BGLC candidates will:

  • Be passionate about coffee and have experience organizing events or groups either through the BG (or heritage BGA/BGE) or within their local communities. We need people who are ready to jump in and get work done.

  • Work as a barista or work closely with baristas as their main source of income.

  • Be a good communicator with a tendency towards diplomacy. We don’t always agree on the BGLC, and we need people who are able to discuss controversial topics with respect for various beliefs and cultural differences. 

Different roles:

BGLC Lead Role responsibilities are expected to adapt over time as new and different overall priorities take precedence. BGLC Leads carry the BGLC strategic vision into reality, with oversight and guidance from the entire BGLC. The BGLC Leads oversee the execution through the engagement of membership volunteer groups.

Specific provisions are not provided for a Sustainability Advisory Council or Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce liaisons. Instead, engagement of these groups will happen throughout the BGLC and have potential touch points with all BGLC Lead Role areas. 

Event Lead (3 BGLC Directors)

  • Each Event Lead will form a local ad hoc committee per event for up to 2 events.

  • Work with SCA staff to create programming that is harmonized within the overall event portfolio. 

  • Work with BGLC to evaluate events within the BG strategic plan.

  • Liaise with (or facilitate liaisons to) SCA Advisory Councils: Research, Education, Events. 

  • Current Event Allocation: Bloom (1x), CoLab (2x), Camp (2x), Access (1x), Expo Workshops

Community/Outreach Lead (1 BGLC Director)

  • Work with established and nascent regional/local groups serving baristas, as well as chapters/national bodies and provide BG resources and support to the organizers and their members to promote BG.

  • Oversee the development and management of the Re:co Symposium coffee service, and BG presence at Expo/WOC.

  • Liaise with (or facilitate liaisons to) SCA Advocacy Advisory Council, Membership Advisory Council

Process Infographic@2x.png

How does the BG Elections Process work?

All nominations will be reviewed by the BG Nominations Committee, chaired by the Immediate Past Chair Sarah Leslie (that's me), and comprised of two current BG Leadership Council members Bailey Arnold and Bartosz Ciepaj, and two BG members-at-large, Todd Mackey and Andrew Tolley.

Each nominee will be vetted by the Nominations Committee and a slate of nominees will be selected from the nominee pool and will be announced on October 1. Email ballots will be sent to all BG members on November 1 and the new Leadership Council members will be announced on December 1.

Ready to submit a nomination?

Nominations are open from August 27-September 10 to BG members. Submit a nomination using this form. Do you have questions about the elections process or the work of the Leadership Council? Email us directly at

About the BG

The Barista Guild is a community that empowers baristas and promotes their professional growth. In addition to the SCA Core Values, we believe in the following guiding principles: 

Community: The Barista Guild is a community that is inclusive, accessible, and collaborative; a community where relationships are created and nurtured. 

Education: We value formal and informal education and professional development for all baristas.

Quality: Baristas connect coffee drinkers to the rest of the coffee value chain. We value specialty coffee through hospitality and preparation best practices.

If you have questions about your membership number or the elections in general, feel free to contact the membership team at 

Thank you for participating in this important process for the BG!

Sarah Leslie
BG Immediate Past Chair
2019-2021 Nominations Committee Chair
Founder and Owner of Leslie Coffee Co.