Barista Spotlight: Furkan Gul


Hello BGE family, my name is Furkan.

I currently live in Istanbul, Turkey and work at Petra Roasting Company as a barista and roaster. I attended the last two Barista Camps.

My story in specialty coffee started with washing dishes, as many of us have. I began to develop a deeper interest in coffee and wanted to improve my skills, and I soon came across the Barista Camp event. I thought it was a great opportunity because I knew that coffee is a big ocean of an industry that can provide me huge space to work with.

I have always been interested in the science and research in coffee. The last two Barista Camp events have helped me understand what tools I have to use to make better coffee and how to  understand it by tasting. Barista Camp also helped me to look from other perspectives so I can be objective.

To me, the BGE community is about getting together and sharing what we know so we can get out from our routine and see the big picture. I believe coffee is a frame work and the BGE community is filling this frame with people and their knowledge and experiences.

I’ve made so many friends from camp and can't wait to make more in the future.


About the Barista Spotlight Program: One of the goals of the BGE is to put the focus on the experiences of the baristas that make up the rich and diverse European coffee community. We have decided to reach out to our membership to learn more about their journeys so far.

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