2018 Barista Guild Executive Council Elections Now Open

The Barista Guild of America is proud to announce the slate of candidates, as recommended by the Nominating Committee, for the 2018 Executive Council Elections!

For the four open positions, the Committee has nominated Mark Hundley of Bolt Coffee Company (Incumbent), Bailey Arnold of Gregory's Coffee, Sam Schaefer of Stovetop Roasters, and Adam Jacksonbey of The Potters House to fill these seats.

Elections for the BGA Executive Council are now open. If you are a BGA Member, please vote by submitting your ballot here.

Elections will run from February 1 –  March 2, 2018.

The nomination period is over, however if you would still like to be considered in this election cycle, you may become a write-in candidate. Email membership@sca.coffee with your intent and the SCA will further instruct you on this process.

Slate of Candidates

Mark Hundley (Incumbent) | Bolt Coffee Company - Providence, RI

Mark Hundley is the General Manager for Bolt Coffee Company in Providence, Rhode Island. He is an active part of the BGA as an Executive Council member and chair of the Events Committee. He continues to share his enthusiasm for coffee with the local community as a member of The Providence Coffee Society. When it’s not coffee, he’s probably nerding out over video games, comic books, and obsessing over his Boston Terrier, Ulysses.

Adam Jacksonbey | The Potters House - Washington, DC

Entering his seventh year as a coffee professional, Adam has worked in many aspects on the retail side, from Barista, to Coffee Manager to Store Manager. Adam has also been a member of DMV Coffee, a regional organization centered around barista development for the past 4 years. Adam likes sandwiches, puns, and penguins.

Bailey Arnold | Gregorys Coffee - New York, NY

Bailey Arnold began her specialty coffee journey 8 years ago, and is extremely passionate about creating and maintaining community in specialty coffee. You can find her at Gregorys Coffee in NYC, where she is the Director of Education.

Sam Schaefer | Stovetop Roasters - Ann Arbor, MI

Sam has been working in coffee since 2013. He loves being involved in the BGA, and has attended barista camps, earning barista certificates, and eventually became an SCA station instructor. He now works for Stovetop Roasters, focusing on making and improving systems for coffee production and quality control. He is also building out the retail and wholesale programs, making events and engaging with the community.