Meet Your Trainers – Barista Camp 2016

Choosing the trainers for Barista Camp is a process that we take pretty seriously here at BGE HQ – the selection panel includes members of the SCAE education department; BGE's Education Coordinator Ben Townsend; and additional experienced ASTs. It's important to BGE that the Camp Trainers bring buckets of enthusiasm, experience, knowledge, refined teaching skills and most importantly fun to the whole experience for all attendees!

We think you'll be happy to see some old faces return as Lead ASTs and a handful of new trainers coming in to take the roles of Assistant AST. We're also glad to be introducing new modules this year which include Green Intermediate and Roasting Foundation – you can see the full program of possible course options here and register for tickets now via the BGE ticket page.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce your 2016 Barista Camp Trainers!