Partnership Opportunities – Scholarship Partner

Every year, Barista Camp attracts around 200 baristas for four coffee-fuelled days of education, discussion, tastings and fun. Participants choose between different tracks of SCAE’s Coffee Diploma System modules. In addition to these training sessions, Barista Camp offers lectures and large-scale tasting sessions focusing on a variety of cutting-edge subjects. A beautiful setting and exciting social activities in the evenings help baristas relax and connect with new friends from all over Europe.

Attending Barista Camp is a terrific and often career-changing experience that sadly not all baristas are lucky enough to encounter. And while we do everything we can at BGE to make Barista Camp accessible, for some it can still be a financial challenge to attend. 

Our new Barista Camp Scholarship Partner believes in creating opportunities for baristas to develop their skills, broaden their professional network and work on their careers in specialty coffee. As Scholarship Partner you get the chance to select and send five lucky candidates to Barista Camp. 

For a Partner engaged with social media, it's a great opportunity for visibility both before, as well as during and after Camp: sharing the selection procedure, the journey and stories of the lucky candidates in a creative way.

This partner opportunity is also a fantastic way for you as a coffee business to engage with baristas in the formative stages of their careers – offering your business the opportunity to build a relationship with them which may continue into the future. 

See the BGE Partner Brochure for more information on the benefits of becoming a Barista Camp Scholarship Partner or alternatively drop us an email: