CoLab: Antwerp — Partners


It's that time CoLab'ers, just three days until we launch our first 2016 event in the shining city of Antwerp where friends of BGE, European Coffee Trip, and Jordan Sanchez will be joining us to capture all the memories as our CoLab: Antwerp Media Partners. Be sure to follow all the BGE channels for updates on the event and to catch all the action with leading host partner Tamper Tantrum who return for a third consecutive CoLab. We couldn't be more excited to unleash the incredible line-up of speakers they have prepared for our chock-full program.

The support from the local Antwerp community for CoLab: has bowled us over, in particular, The Barista League host partners Caffenation, Coffeelabs, Port of Antwerp and social partners De Koninck & 32cup. We reckon the flourishing Antwerp coffee scene will thrive through hosting a CoLab event, and it's great to see the city come in out in force to support our endeavours to unite a local and international coffee community. 

Finally thanks again to all of the CoLab: Antwerp partners who we rely upon to help make our events a success. See you in three days!