Barista Guild Voices: Thoughts on SCAA/SCAE Unification

There is a lot of talk about unification right now as the SCAA is voting whether to unify with the SCAE. We baristas are talking too, because we acknowledge that this decision greatly effects us. It is our responsibility as leaders in the barista community to lend our voices to the discussion.

We are the future of specialty coffee and we think a vote for unification is giving voice to the future. That unifying with the SCAE will allow for those voices to be amplified, reaching further and with greater impact.

We made a video sharing what some of those voices say. Please check it out, share, and help us get a big turnout for the unification vote this month. If you or someone you know works for an SCAA voting member, and are authorized to cast a vote on behalf of the company, please vote here:

For more information on the proposed unification, visit for information including upcoming in-person forums and live online webinars.