Dale Harris & Tibor Várady — BGE Present and Future

We're breaking our regular schedule of publishing Barista Camp talks by one that's a little bit out of the ordinary, and a little bit special to us. No science or geekery, no hard economic reality checks, but a great presentation from BGE's past and present Chairs Dale Harris & Tibor Várady.

As per tradition, each year at Barista Camp, the current Barista Guild of Europe's working group presents the 'state of the union', giving its members an overview of the organisation's past, present and future. The 2015 presentation was remarkable as it saw Tibor Várady taking over the Chair position from Dale Harris and urging all delegates to get involved, or else submit to his own 'dictatorship' with no more tattoos, no more Tim Wendelboe and only metal music at events.

We're glad that people did get involved, and following this talk we held the first ever BGE elections, effectively allowing our membership to choose the direction and leadership they'd like to see. Read more on the BGE Working Group election results here.