CoLab: Prague Panel Discussions

We've posted the recordings of the talks of each of the 6 speakers that we brought to Prague for our inaugural CoLab. However, we've got some additional material for you: Tamper Tantrum also hosted two panel discussions - a morning session with Chahan Yeretzian, Erna Tosberg, and Tibor Varady plus an afternoon session with Adam Neubauer, Joanna Alm, and Christopher Hendon. Through extended Q&A and discussion — greatly moderated by our two hosts Steve Leighton and Kalle Freese — these sessions provide great content and additional insight that we wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise!

CoLab: Paris will also host similar speaker panels, and we can't wait for the talk, banter and discussion resulting from these hotshots in the 'arena' together: Tim Wendelboe, Klaus Thomsen, Katie Carguilo, Stéphane Cataldi, Morten Münchow and Patrik Rolf Karlsson.
Tickets are on sale now - you won't want to miss out!

Tamper Tantrum summarises the morning session "Steve and Kalle dig further into their presentations after the barrage of information that was the morning session: where we’ve gone wrong with water profile recommendations, what it’s like to be backstage at the WBC, why some staff leave, and a big follow up on the science of extraction and aroma. Also covered: what it’s like to watch a barista comp from the outside of the competition niche, why baristas should be more humble with their pocket science, a few thoughts on how we could improve competitions, and ways in which we could collaborate as an industry to learn more about how coffee works."

In the afternoon panel discussion, "hosts Steve and Kalle kick off a somewhat free-wheeling discussion, staring with the coffee culture in Prague, taking us through a myriad topics we touched upon but didn’t dig into earlier: the best ways to communicate delays to customers, coffee shots, the popularity (but seeming lack) of batch brew in shops, and why coffee research is a great use of government funding.  Also covered: the barista’s tool box, the all-important barista/roaster/farmer feedback loop, why water is still important, blends, sequencing the coffee genome, and ways in which we could continue to strengthen our coffee knowledge as a community (including a large-scale experiment, since started by Chris!)."