You too can host a USBC streaming party!

Some words of inspiration on throwing a casual competition watching party.
By Sarah Dooley

Everybody loves a good excuse to see their buds and future friends go through their 15 minute competition performance. The idea behind the gathering is just that simple. Crack open a few beers, some coffee cake, a good quiche, Andrew’s chocolate death cookies, some Roger & Scott hand crafted coffees and the soft serenade of a barista competition in the background.

We all do a lot more then just coffee and the networks, hobbies and family like bonds we have made extend over some very common core goals. We sort of live our lives with a little more conviction when it comes to eating, drinking and conversation. Sure, there will always be shop talk but for some of us there are equivalent passions occupying in our alternative lives as parents, in relationships, friends, bikers, roasters, artists, scientists, travelers, and all walks of life really.

When you can’t get to the action you bring it to you. We wanted to catch the Sunday finals together. Here’s how it all goes down. First you need a host location for your gathering. That part was not hard at all. Coffee Labs, training facilities, equipment retailers and suppliers often have all the space you need and totally invite the community that comes from small meet-ups like these. You will need a projector and all the proper hookups. The first Brunch, Beers & Barista Live Stream Social was hosted by our very own LaMarzocco USA. They have a pretty slick training lab setup with all the necessary equipment. Roger was kind enough to set up the gadget aspect Friday night before he left work. If that is not the case for you, make sure you do have all the necessary wireless pass codes and adapters specific to the equipment you have to the projector. As the event coordinator, ask for entry at least 30 mins before the suggested start time so you can verify setup is done and be inviting when the first guest arrives. Invite guests to bring a brunch item. Our events ranged from 10:30-11:30 start times so people could set up there food, dish up and get aquainted. Food, beverages, dairy for capps, blood orange juice and vodka for mimosa’s, whatever floats your boat. Bring your own coffee unless it was set aside for you. You don’t want the staff to show up Monday and have nothing to wake up with. Be respectful of the guests and the location.

I posted the event two weeks prior to its date on Facebook using the Events feature. I wish this feature had a reminder option. A reminder Wed or Thursday before the actual event is a kind courtesy if you get a chance. People get busy or commit to a date without writing it down, I’m keen on reminders.
Once your buddies arrive make sure your event purpose is up on the screen and if you feel up to it log in so they community can feel the support of your unified presence.

Be realistic and don’t get caught doing all the cleanup. You can politely show each guest where dishes go, recycle and rags are located. Before the event is over remind folks that your host was kind enough to entrust us with this space, so lets leave it better then the way we found it.

All in all, it’s super easy to invite your community to a fun event. Funny stories and once in a lifetime moments happen. I will say, and Roger might kill me for this...or attempt to. Roger biked in with his adorable son, just a an hour into hanging out I looked out into the lobby to see that he (not Roger) had removed his pants and was standing in his diaper, gazing out the window. Turning to Roger I asked, “what’s up with your boy?” He half turns his head and looks over his shoulder then back to me smirking, “oh, yeah, he’s going potty.” You can imagine the immediate rush of quick jokes that would follow.
In coffee your friends become family almost instantly. We had good times, made great memories, supported the great efforts of regional barista competitions and can’t wait to duplicate the process.

Enjoy your community and it’s common unities.

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