World Cup style throwdown in Atlanta tomorrow!

In honor of that little thing called the World Cup starting Friday, the June edition (June 10th) of Atlanta's Thursday Night Throwdown will be doing a World Cup style throwdown Thursday! It's going to be AWESOME.

Basically how it will work:
• 4 groups stages
• Everyone throws down against everyone else in the group
• Two judges, so possibility of draws in group stage
• 3 points for a win, 1 point for draw
• Top two from each group go on to the knockout stage
• Knockout stage will have "extra time" or repours in case of draws

Some logistics are still being working out, but it should be quite an occasion.

When: Sign-ups around 8PM, pouring at 9PM
Where: Octane Westside, 1009-b Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA


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