Thank you to our outgoing BGA Executive Council Directors!

We're looking forward to welcoming in the four new Executive Council Directors to the BGA immediately following the end of the Boston Expo! But before we induct these fine folks, we would be remiss if we did not say a gigantic THANK YOU to the outgoing directors: Noah Namowicz, Sarah Dooley, and Scott Lucey - each amazing in their own right and tremendously supportive and so essential to the improvement and support of the BGA! Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.19.51 AM

L-R: Noah and Sarah, Ryan Knapp and Joe Marrocco

Noah has been integral with his support for the BGA evolving ever more into a member-driven organization - spearheading the 5k runs at Barista Guild Camp, finding ways to offer more to members, and always providing the "Let's do this!" attitude. We are sad to lose him after a single term, but you can bet that you will be seeing MORE of Noah, not less (and we're really happy that the coffee industry has not lost him to CrossFit entirely).

Sarah is, simply, every barista's mom - wise, thoughtful, ever-encouraging, and always working behind-the-scenes to make things happen! We were so grateful to have Sarah join us as a mid-season replacement on the EC, and continue out through a full EC director term. She exemplifies the grace-under-pressure that every barista certainly aspires to, and more.

Last, but certainly not least, the Barista Guild Executive Council has been blessed with Scott Lucey's presence since 2006. For the past seven years, Scott has provided endless enthusiasm, knowledge of and a desire to elevate the elusive barista craft, and always thoughtful words of wisdom. Scott's enduring dedication and contribution to the BGA EC deserves a particularly special shout-out so we're asking -  if you're in Boston for the show, give Scott a high-five or a hug or just a word of thanks when you see him, send a tweet thanking him or providing your own personal Scott Lucey anecdote (be sure to tag it with #sL4eva) and watch him compete at the US Barista Championship on Friday at 1:45pm EST! Thank you again to Noah, Sarah, and Scott!

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