Quick cleaning tips - make it shine!

The cleanliness of one's portafilter somewhat serves as an example of how detail-oriented a barisa is. Think about keeping your equipment cleaner, longer. Above are three degrees of cleanliness. The middle picture shows best as an example of a quick, but lackluster cleaning.
Many may know the power of a clean portafilter comes from the green scrubby - but it might be surprising to know it works best unadulturated. I'd even go as far as to say the scrubby works worse, when wet. A fresh, dry scour pad does the best job and produces the brightest shine, in the quickest amount of time. Cut your scour pads up into one inch squares for maximum effectiveness. Bringing a portafilter to shine as does the portafilter on the far left, should take no more than 60 seconds assuming you've scrubbed within the last 12 hours. Fight the nasty, let it shine!

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