Mountain Regional Barista Competition Results

Here are the six finalists for the last weekend's Mountain Regional Barista Competition. (in no particular order).

Yiching Piquet- Cafe D'Bolla
Ian Marquez- Off the Leaf Coffee Bar
Bryan Arndt- Java on Sherman
Jessica Brooks- Allegro Coffee
John Piquet- Cafe D'Bolla
Greg Lefcourt- Ozo Coffee

3rd place - Ian Marquez, Off the Leaf Coffee Bar, Billings, MT
2nd place - Jessica Brooks, Allegro Coffee, Thornton, CO

1st place - Greg Lefcourt - Ozo Coffee, Boulder, CO

Congratulations to all the baristas!

Next week = South East Regional Barista Competition. The SCAA facebook page, twitter, and are the places to look for info.

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