Five Questions With A BGA Member-Anderson Stockdale.

This installment of Five Questions features Anderson Stockdale, who's a barista and BGA member in New Orleans.

1. Conical or flat burrs?
Conical! Although at home I am currently using a salvaged Black & Decker blade style grinder. I'm pretty sure it just hits the beans a lot until they fall apart.. I need to look into a replacement...

2. You live in New Orleans. Who's your favorite jazz musician?
It's impossible to pick just one. New Orleans is home to about 20 of my favorite musicians right now. The top 3 groups that keep me going out night after night are the Loose Marbles, Tuba Skinny, and the Little Big Horns. The mastery of their instruments paired with the relaxed, playful New Orleans Swing style really allows these musicians to showcase their individual sound while still being rooted in and inspired by early blues and jazz.

3. Why are you a BGA member?
Primarily for knowledge sharing. As a first time competitor this year in the SCRBC, I got a lot of my contest questions answered by the BGA facebook and from people who I met through BGA channels. I look forward to someday being knowledgeable enough myself to weigh in and give back.

4. You have lots of tattoos. What's your favorite, and what does it mean?
I love all my tattoos! The most cohesive one is on my right arm - it is a sleeve of images inspired by my home state of New Mexico. I have cacti, the state bird, the Sandia mountain range as viewed from my childhood home, all topped by the Zia sun symbol that appears on the state flag. All of my work is black and grey but the shading works particularly well here - it looks like a still life.

5. Your last meal, you have a choice of any drink. What would it be?
Highlife? Or... Lem Butler's signature beverage from this year's SERBC. I was lucky enough as a sensory judge to taste it twice and it haunts me (in the best way possible!) to this day. SO delicious.

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