Everything You'll Need to Prepare for 2013 BGA Summer Camp!

By Colin Whitcomb Barista Camp - Summer  (1)In just a couple of weeks we’ll be gathering at Lake Lawn Resort in Wisconsin for BGA Summer Camp. To help our barista-campers have the most complete and comfortable Camp experience, we’ve created a packing list of supplies you may want to bring.

Lake Lawn will be sure to have plenty of amenities (you can leave the survival kit at home), I know, it’s Wisconsin, but I promise, there will be phone-service at camp this time. Nevertheless, campers will want to cover all their bases:

  • layers of clothing: expect highs in the 70’s and lows in 50’s, or cooler
  • rain protection: umbrella, poncho, etc. Rain happens.
  • swimsuit: what better way to burn off caffeine-tensed muscles than a nice swim?
  • bug protection: Wisconsin brags about its mosquitos. Early June is also tick season in WI, these disease carrying mites are worth watching out for (full body checks are obligatory).
  • water bottle: stay hydrated to maintain focus and energy.
  • sunscreen: protect your skin!
  • pain-relievers: pain happens
  • flashlight: you never know when you need to find your way at night.
  • coffee to swap: leave the brewing kit at home, they’ll be plenty brewed up by baristas, but bring the beans to trade with baristas from across the country.
  • business cards: barista camp is prime for networking.
  • shoes: you may need to hustle at some team challenges
  • your A-Game: we have several new team challenges to nurture your competitive side
  • pens, pencils, notebook: be ready to catch that idea, concept, name, email address that can be so quickly forgotten
  • a beginner’s mindset: keeping an open mind will allow you to learn
  • Camera
  • Towels
  • Batteries
  • extra clothing basics: socks, tank tops... you get the idea

Also, bring SNACKS! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided but it’s always good to have something to snack on in your room. If you enjoy having a drink in the evening, we'll have sponsored kegs during meals, but bring anything extra that you'd like to enjoy.

See you all soon!
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