Camp Pull-A-Shot: Packing List

The 2nd Camp Pull-A-Shot is mere days away! We're getting excited to welcome 150 of our coffee friends to El Capitan Canyon. Your BGA Executive Council and Chapter Representatives wanted to make sure you'll be showing up to camp prepared. Before you roll up that sleeping bag, here's a few things you might want to throw into your camping bag:

Note-taking materials
Evernote app? Notebook? You gotta stash all the information coming at you somewhere.

Insect repellent
Bees in particular were uninvited guests at some of our meals last year.

The campfire provides a lot of light, but it gets awfully dark walking back to your cabin at night.

Water bottle
For the times when you're not drinking coffee.

You'll be provided with three round meals at camp (and s'mores around the campfire at night!) but you may want to bring snacks for in-between meals. If you forget anything there's a small store on the premises, too.

Bathing Suit
There's a heated pool at camp, and the beach is a short walk down the road.

Musical Instruments
Last year we were serenaded by the wonderful Peter G and his accordion, as well as the accompaniment of harmonicas, and a melody horn. Rumor has it there will be percussion instruments this year -- what are you going to bring along?!

Sporting equipment
Be prepared for games of catch with the BGA EC - both Scott Lucey and Sarah Dooley will be bringing their baseball gloves! There's room for a frisbee game or two and if you don't have room in your bag, the campsite does rent bikes.

Hiking shoes (there are trails around camp and lots of wildlife to see), rain boots (check the weather report, last year we had some rain!), and running shoes. If you're a runner, BGA EC member Noah Namowicz will be challenging folks to a 5k during camp. Be prepared!

Other things to consider (random suggestions from the BGA Executive Council + Chapter Representatives)
libations, glowsticks, your favorite coffee brewing equipment (we'll have an ample supply, but if you're particular…), deck of cards, personal hygiene essentials (shampoo, soap, suntan lotion, etc)., cameras (don't forget extra batteries!), costumes, candy.

Did we forget anything? Have a question on what to pack? Post a comment below!

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