BGA Executive Council Invades Seattle Cafes

This past week, the SCAA kicked off the annual SCAA Leadership Summit in Seattle, WA by inviting all attendees to visit BGA Executive Council members during their guest barista shifts at local member cafes through out the city. The results of this fun experiment can be seen in this video recap. A special shout-out to Paul Thornton, President of the SCAA Board of Directors, who visited all BGAEC members during their guest shifts!

Participating Executive Council Members and SCAA Cafe Members included:

Miguel Vicuna @ Caffe Ladro 1800 9th Ave (Between Stewart and Howell on 9th)

Colin Whitcomb @ Slate Coffee Roaster 5413 6th Ave NW (Between 54th and Market on 6th)

Trevor Corlett @ Broadcast Coffee 1623 Bellevue Ave (Between Olive and Pine on Bellevue)

Alex Littlejohn @ Tougo Coffee Co 1410 18th Ave (Between Pike and Union on 18th)

Lorenzo Perkins @ Neptune Coffee 8415 Greenwood Ave N (Between 84th and 85th on Greenwood Ave)

Dan Streetman @ Victrola Coffee 310 E Pike (Between Melrose and Bellevue on Pike)