BGA calls for Great Lakes Chapter Rep Nominees

The Barista Guild of America is currently seeking a new chapter representative for the Great Lakes Region. Please read the description below, and if you are interested in nominating someone or yourself, please contact BGA Chair Scott Lucey at scottlucey at gmail dot com. The BGA Excecutive Council plans to confirm a candidate by November 19th, 2010.

The Barista Guild of America Chapter Representative position is a year-long volunteer commitment for active members of the barista community. Baristas interested in the position should be enthusiastic baristas who have the time and resources available to make an active contribution to their regional barista community. Chapter Representatives serve as the Barista Guild of America's role models for their respective regions, and should serve with a focus on being a positive, committed coffee professional. The chapter representative position can be an exciting, dynamic opportunity for baristas wishing to pursue a more active role within the national specialty coffee community.

Regional Chapter Representatives shall:
SCAA BGA Executive Council Meeting (Required)
SCAA BGA Conference Calls (Required)
SCAA Barista Guild Camp (Required)
Regional Competition (Strongly Encouraged)*
Regional Jams/SBWs/Events (Strongly Encouraged)* *Or send a representative

Update BGA newsletter/website/social network platforms with timely event information and news from the region
Provide content for at least one BGA newsletter

Hold frequent chapter meetings to communicate with existing members, encourage new membership, and motivate and encourage BGA affiliated events throughout the region. These meetings can and should be held in conjunction with events that provide education and excitement for the barista community of the representative's region.

At least 8 hours of volunteer work at SCAA conference, SBW, or regional competition.

It is strongly recommended that volunteers interested in the position seek the commitment from employers to provide time or financial support for the position's requirements, or at the very least finding a suitable arrangement that will prevent conflicts of time or finances.

Rep example, Ben Helfen 2008-2009:
-Organized Thursday Night Throwdowns (counts as chapter meeting/event)
-Was an out-of-region USBC judge (volunteer hours)
-Helped Octane Host 2009 SERBC (attended regional competition)
-Updated personal blog of Atlanta coffee events (updates of timely information)
-Served as barista buddy at World Barista competition (volunteer hours)

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