Top 10 Activities – Barista Camp 2016

We know that the Barista Camp program can be a lot to absorb and you're probably wondering what exactly are the best bits so we've put together a list of the 10 top activities not to be missed.

1. Connect with Barista Guild of Europe

The full BGE working group will be on hand at Camp to chat all things Barista Guild. Got something you want to get off your chest? Be sure to grab one of the Working Group during the event. 

2. Green Coffee Intermediate

A first for Barista Camp - this is your opportunity to take the next step in your Green Coffee journey. All the information for any of the SCAE CDS modules taught at Camp can be found here.

3. Team Challenges

This year our chief Community Manager Alex Passmore and our Membership Coordinator Danny Calders are compiling a veritable array of fun and engaging challenges set to test your skills and strengthen those all important Camp bonds.

4. 5k Run or Yoga

Another first for the Barista Camp program. Early risers can sign up to take part in one of our scheduled exercise groups. 

5. Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa

The venue for Barista Camp 2016 is in a beautiful setting on the coast of Pärnu – it is a modern hotel with excellent facilities and a top notch chef!

6. Meet Inspiring Speakers

Brian W Jones and Mette-Marie Hansen are just two of the speakers lined-up for Barista Camp 2016. Watch this space for news on additional interesting and informative presenters soon!

7. Combined Foundation Courses

Can't decide what you want to focus on? Camp is a great opportunity for you sample a range of courses before you move to Intermediate level.

8. Visit Estonia

The location of Barista Camp gives you the chance to visit a new country and check out the local coffee scene. Head to Riga for a day before you travel home to see an established coffee scene and be sure to check out our handy tourist guide here.

9. Make New Friends

Feedback from Camp usually consists of praise for the education, talks, venue and organisation but emphasis is often placed on the lasting friendships and connections made. Our Stories From Camp page is a testament to that. 

10. Get Certified

The cost of attending Camp includes all of your classes, accommodation, meals, talks, tastings, goodies and SCAE CDS Certification. Be sure to take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge available from the Camp ASTs and you'll go home with a brand new certification!