What’s next for the Barista Guild?

New year, new guild! Now that the Barista Guild is officially unified, what’s next?

The Leadership Council has big plans for the future including the unveiling of the new brand, launching the new Barista Guild website, and announcing the calendar of events for the coming year!


Stay tuned for confirmation dates and registration information!

  • World Barista Championship & World Brewer’s Cup | SCA Expo in Boston, April 11-14

  • CoLab: Milan | May

  • Bloom | US, June

  • Barista Camp Europe | September

  • Access | US, September

World Barista Championship

The World Barista Championship & World Brewer's Cup are coming to the Expo in Boston this year. These competitions will bring nearly 100 winners of national body events across the globe together to demonstrate their espresso and brewed coffee skills live on stage, and streamed online.


CoLab is a seminar series which combines a full day of compelling educational content with two half days on either side to discover the host city's coffee community and culture. CoLab focuses on connecting a local community with the international barista scene through hosting lectures and workshops as well as creating activities to discover and celebrate the local coffee scene.


Bloom is a unique event for the coffee community bringing together some of the best minds in coffee and creating a unique opportunity for deeper discussion and engagement for attendees. Bloom features thought-leaders, all of whom will present topics that specifically address the craft coffee community. An interactive discussion between speaker and attendees follow each talk, creating the opportunity for meaningful dialogue. The outcomes of these discussions – ideas, challenges, and solutions are reviewed, recorded and distributed for takeaway after each event. Bloom's mission is to ignite a national conversation and make noticeable the ideas that emerge as a result.

Barista Camp

Barista Camp is a unique opportunity to develop and learn in a setting that promotes education, sharing ideas, new experiences and being part of a wider community. Every year baristas from all over the world gather for four coffee-fueled days of education, discussion, tastings, and fun. Participants choose between different tracks of SCA’s Coffee Skills Program modules. In addition to training sessions, Barista Camp offers lectures and large-scale tasting sessions on a variety of subjects. A beautiful setting and exciting social activities in the evenings help baristas relax and connect with new friends.


Access is an event combining hands-on workshops, research presentations, technology exploration, and industry insights. Taking place in the US, Access is two days to reunite with barista friends from across the country and make new ones, dig deep into new topics, expand your network, and get inspired.

We’re Social!

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