Participate in the BGA Espresso Survey

Whilst our parent associations have recently undergone a merger, Barista Guild of Europe and Barista Guild of America are working behind the scenes to unify and become one global guild for baristas. This means many things for our members but predominantly it means that we can be a stronger guild with international support. While the exploration of these benefits is ongoing we would like to share a BGA project so that the results represent a standard that works for baristas globally!

Input from European baristas is also important as we merge our education systems, results from research like this can influence the content of the program.


The Barista Guild of America wants to better understand how espresso is extracted worldwide, in an effort to see if their current espresso definition lines up with parameters being used around the world.

What They Are Hoping to Learn:

BGA would like to gain a better understanding of:

  • Input doses

  • Output weights

  • Brew Ratios

  • Extraction Times

  • Pressure

  • Temperature

  • Preinfusion Use

  • Basket Size

In general, BGA would like to understand the scope of parameters being used worldwide for espresso preparation.

Why is This Helpful?

The collection of this information will allow BGA to make informed decisions on how to define espresso. In turn, this will allow them to facilitate the creation of a definition that is inclusive enough to accept a wide range of parameters, while still maintaining a definition for coffee professionals to reference and build off of.

The current definition of espresso dictates so much (competition parameters, pathways classes, and more). It’s important to have a definition that reflects the current state of espresso around the world and is inclusive enough to appeal to the majority of the barista membership.