BGE Working Group Elects Vice-Chair

Barista Guild of Europe would like to announce that Andrew Tolley has been elected as the new BGE Vice-Chair, following an invitation to join the BGE Working Group.

Andrew will join Tibor Várady, Dale Harris, Alex Passmore, Sam Sullivan, Danny Calders, Tim Willems, Hannah Davies, Isa Verschraegen, as well as SCAE delegates Paul Stack and Yannis Apostolopoulos as they prepare for an exciting year ahead! The current Working Group —who were brought together through formal elections at the end of 2015— have had a year of successful activities: Barista Camp, 2 CoLabs and a barista service at Re:co, have encouraged knowledge sharing, professional development and a stronger barista community across Europe. 

2017 promises to be a year of positive change for BGE as we announce elections for a newly structured Working Group and work towards merging with our counterparts in the US. 

Further information regarding the BGE elections will be announced in January. If you want to get involved by volunteering your time for the guild and running for elections keep an eye out for the BGE newsletter or get in touch now.