Grab the final tickets for Barista Camp 2015!

Barista Camp 2015 is almost there... in a little over 2 weeks, we will be gathering at the wonderful Hotel Corallo in Riccione, Italy for 4 days of amazing education and networking opportunities. As our key event of the year, we focus on bringing baristas together to meet, to learn together, and to share this unique experience. Barista Camp really embodies our goals of providing professional and community development for baristas, and condenses them into a chock-full 4-day program

We have expanded into 5 different educational tracks, consisting of either one Intermediate module, or two Foundation modules of SCAE's Coffee Diploma System. These courses provide high-quality industry standards, and we are honoured to be able to work with an incredible talented team of ASTs. On top of that, we're bringing 7 speakers to the Barista Camp stage, to present on a range of topics from the sustainability and economics of the cafe business, over the importance of standardising flavours, measuring extraction, knowing your grinder and your water, to overcoming challenges at origin... It's going to be a wildly exciting, science-heavy ride with so much information for anyone who spends time behind the bar. Get your geek on, and bring a pen and notepad (scrap that, we'll just put one in the goodie bags for you).

But Barista Camp is more than just education and sharing knowledge, it's about meeting people, sharing ideas, stories and experiences, and growing together. We have set-up fun team challenges, as well as plenty of opportunity to test equipment, talk to our partner representatives, discuss workflow issues with other baristas or cafe owners, share the most efficient way to count the till, and simply have fun together.

Barista Camp is a very unique opportunity to focus on your professional development, enhancing your skills, while being surrounded by incredibly talented trainers and professionals and immersing yourself in the enthusiastic and fun community of likeminded baristas. 

Don't miss out, and grab those last available tickets now before it's too late! (Please note that Raphael and Michelangelo tracks are sold-out).