Barista Camp is back!

That's right! We're bringing Barista Camp back to another sunny locale: Riccione, on the wonderful Adriatic coast of Italy. From Sept 23rd to 26th, we'll be welcoming 200 baristas for 4days of hard work, new faces, shared learning, and lots of fun!
As we're getting ready to open registration on June 16th at our Myshörna at Nordic World of Coffee, we're sharing a little preview of what you can expect at this year's Camp edition!

Professional development

We're going a little bigger this year, with place for 200 baristas across no less than 5 (eek!) educational tracks of SCAE Coffee Diploma System Modules
    •    Raphael — Barista Foundation and Sensory Foundation 
    •    Michelangelo — Green Foundation and Sensory Foundation
    •    Leonardo — Barista Intermediate 
    •    Donatello — Brewing Intermediate 
    •    Splinter — Sensory Intermediate 
Upon registration, you'll have to choose one of these options - who you gonna be? We realise there might be strong emotional bonds to any of these track (names), but please consider carefully which track is right for you. You - and everyone else in your group - will benefit the most from the course if you possess the skills and knowledge required for that level.

In addition to the Coffee Diploma System Modules, we are again building an excited list of speakers who’ll bring content that is either relevant for your daily job as a barista, or puts that job into the bigger ‘coffee’ picture.

Of course, we are looking for a motivated team of Authorised SCAE Trainers ready to take on the challenge to train at Barista Camp. Each module needs a dynamic Lead AST supported by equally enthusiastic Assistant ASTs; they will work together as a team under the guidance of our AST Coordinator, Tim Sturk. Interested ASTs should definitely read through the details on how to apply

We will also need the most amazing team of volunteers (experienced and less-experienced baristas) who will act as runners to support each module and help out wherever needed. If you possess a positive (can do) attitude, are able and willing to work collaboratively in a team and within tight schedules, and want to experience Barista Camp from an organiser’s perspective, sign up here.

Community development

While we’re extending the capacity of Barista Camp this year, we are still maintaining the program balance. Building on the experience from last year’s Camp, we are creating more opportunity to practice for your exams, to test high-end equipment, to meet with peers and trainers, and to wind down in the sun. We’re also making sure you can ask partner company representatives the right questions about any equipment you’re using or consider getting for your shop. We believe the opportunity to meet, share ideas, and discuss issues with each other is what makes Barista Camp such a unique and rewarding experience.


Our host for this year’s Barista Camp is Hotel Corallo, a stunning 4* hotel located on the Adriatic coast of Italy. It would fit straight into a Disney movie as the princess’ palace, and we’re confident that you will love it. Spacious rooms, a panoramic and sunny rooftop, a big outdoor swimming pool, quality catering, incredibly helpful and friendly staff and versatile meeting rooms, all right next to the beach!  We will all be sharing comfortable triple and quadruple rooms. Due to limited capacity we are unfortunately not able to offer single or double rooms, but it’s a great opportunity to meet new people right from the start!


We’re opening ticket registration on June 16th, together with the very first day of Nordic World of Coffee in Göteborg. Early Bird tickets are priced at €500 (€475 for SCAE members) and include your preferred track of CDS modules, including certification, as well as all other social and educational activities at camp, 3 nights of accommodation at the 4* Hotel Corallo, and all of your meals. We have a limited amount of Early Bird tix available, so book now to avoid tears!