Our Purpose


We are a community that empowers baristas and promotes their professional growth. In addition to the SCA Core Values, we believe in the following Guiding Principles:


Community Matters

The Barista Guild is a community that is inclusive, accessible, and collaborative; a community where relationships are created and nurtured.


Education for Members

We value formal and informal education and professional development for all baristas.


Quality of the Product

Baristas are responsible for the end-product in the coffee value chain and we value the quality of that product through best practices, understanding, and hospitality.

Our History

The Barista Guild (BG) was formed in 2018 as a unified guild of two heritage organizations: the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s Barista Guild of Europe (BGE) and the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Barista Guild of America (BGA).

In 2016, when members of the heritage SCAE and SCAA voted to unify and create the Specialty Coffee Association, the members of the heritage barista guilds were equally enthusiastic about a unified vision for the future.

In 2017, a Unification Committee of volunteers was formed and worked with both guilds to define bylaws, positions, transition documents, and more in preparation to become one global guild. The final step of this process, approving the new leadership council, took place in December 2018.

Leadership Council

Here are the current Leadership Council (LC) members, listed with their place of work and council title:

  • Sarah Leslie of Leslie Coffee Co., Past Chair

  • Stuart Ritson of Cafe Imports, Chair

  • Jessie May Peters of Raw Material, Vice Chair

  • Gabe Smentek of Onyx Coffee Lab, Marketing and Communications

  • Bartosz Ciepaj of Harrods, Membership Engagement

  • Silvia Constantin of Barista School Romania and Coffee Break Magazine, Events

  • Jessika Sosa of Tovarna Kave Coffee Roastery, Events

  • Kathie Hilberg of Stumptown Coffee Roasters LA, Membership Engagement

  • Mark Hundley of Bolt Coffee, Events

  • Bailey Arnold of Oatly, Community/Outreach


Committees, standing or ad-hoc, may be established by the Barista Guild Leadership Council as needed. The Leadership Council Chair will appoint the committee lead and that lead can then appoint additional members as needed. More information on our committees coming soon.

Code of Conduct

Folks like you join the SCA and the Barista Guild to have fun, learn, network and grow with fellow members. Our staff want to make that possible while providing the best possible environment for everyone involved. For all that to happen, we have a few rules that are necessary for everyone’s safety and comfort. Click below to read our Code of Conduct.

Contact Us

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